About us

Bonaire Logistics & Wholesaler, is founded in 2013. Adriënne Cornelia de Jongh and Roland Verbeek decided to find a way to constantly transport products to Bonaire for a reasonable price. Bonaire was growing and there was more demand for continuity and also environmentally friendly products. We started with a few brands and now represent more than 35 brands on Bonaire.

Our mission is to sell and distribute various brands on the island in a responsible and environmentally friendly way. We now sell a complete line of disposables that are compostable, so completely degradable, without any damage to the island. Furthermore, products are brought around in a 100% electric car, which in turn is charged by the solar panels on the roof. We also work with natural light streets and an electrically opening roof has been installed, making optimum use of the cooling wind in our warehouse. We think that together we must ensure that we can continue to live on this beautiful island and where possible, we will do everything we can, so we continue to look for responsible products that will not harm the island.